Discover the endless possibilities of particle foams!

Our wine cooler is our exploration in the world of ‘the hidden invention’. Aesthetically beautiful styled, but even more as a DNA project of HSV. We are therefore proud to share these capabilities with you in a special way.

Discover in our wine cooler

Different sorts of particle foams
Surface structures
Combining techniques
Two-tone filling
Steam valves
Particle foams combinations
Imitation leather
Carbon fibres

Our masterpiece is hidden in the heart of our wine cooler.

The layout of the Amsterdam edition of Sir Isaac Newton’s standard PhilosophiƦ Naturalis Principia Mathematica, his mathematical principles of natural science. This image is mounted in the mould by using laser technology.

In his work, Newton describes his laws of motion, his energy laws and -for the first time- he describes gravity in detail. In short a place of honor in the window of our possibilities. We stand on his shoulders and are inspired by the creative, innovative and widely varying talents of Isaac Newton.

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Besides all of this, our wine cooler keeps your bottle of white wine at perfect temperature during a dinner or a pleasant evening with friends and family.

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Un-puzzle our wine cooler, find out what moves the people of HSV every day and be inspired by the creative brainpower of Isaac Newton.

The various techniques, combinations of materials and compounds used in the development of this DNA Wine cooler are guaranteed a discovery for many engineer / product designer. Find out the possibilities and the added value of particle foams for your product. Discover together with HSV how particle foams can change your business.

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