Simplifying your logistics process

From welding, gluing, composition or packaging, you can outsource assembly of your products to the particle foam engineers at HSV. Customer-specific assembly lines are set up to do the related work. Outsourcing the assembly work for your particle foam products can deliver various savings and simplify your logistics process. Are you interested in achieving savings and simplifying your logistics process? Ask us about the available options.

Assembly at HSV, sophisticated equipment

The assembly department at HSV has advanced equipment and can handle various types of assembly work for you, including:

  • Mirror welding
  • Milling
  • Sub-assembly of components, such as installing rubber pads, cables, etc.
  • Stickering
  • Integration of customer-specific end packaging
  • Final tests of assembled products, e.g. testing if the products are airtight

HSV does the assembly work at its own facility. This enables us to offer consistent quality and flexibility. If you would like HSV to arrange procurement of the additional items, as well as warehousing and logistics, that is also an option.

Test setup and documenting way of working

Before assembling a new product, all the required materials are checked. The most optimal routing is then checked and documented in a test setup. We give our employees clear instructions and perform quality checks during the process.

HSV helps you consider all the options

Successful product development is affected by various factors: the choice of materials, the production technique used in the process, the price-quality ratio of the matrix, the cost price of the final product, and more. HSV brainstorms with you on every aspect.

The production of a high-quality product is always the result of good teamwork. It involves combining such diverse disciplines as R&D, marketing & sales, purchasing, logistics and quality assurance. The particle foam engineers at HSV support you throughout the process.

ISO 9001:2015

HSV isĀ ISO 9001:2015 certified.

More information about assembly

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