HSV uses various types of granulate and raw materials for the production of products, shaped components and semi-manufactured products, made from expandable plastics. Sustainable raw materials (recyclate) are now also available, such as ARPRO 35 Ocean and ARPRO 5134 RE.

Arpro 35 Ocean

ARPRO 35 Ocean is expanded polypropylene (EPP) and consists of 15% recycled maritime industrial waste. The raw material is recovered through recycling, receiving a new lease on life. In addition, ARPRO 35 Ocean contributes to a CO2 reduction of approximately 7% during the production process. That improvement is better for the environment, and benefits the circular economy. Precious raw materials are retained and reused.

Circular economy, achieving climate targets

HSV is a strong advocate of the circular economy and of reducing the CO2 footprint. Our efforts include: Using renewable steam and electricity. Offering recycled material / recyclate for the production of sustainable products, shaped components and semi-manufactured products. And recycling for reuse. HSV works with organisations to come up with product solutions that are in line with the circular economy and the envisioned climate targets. These solutions are applied in many different sectors throughout Europe.

Recycling expanded polypropylene

This informative article by JSP, ‘Automotive components made of packaging‘, explains how expanded polypropylene is recycled.


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