What is the feasibility study?

Developing or redesigning a new plastic product starts with a good design. As early as the initial phase of the product design, you can call on the particle foam engineers at HSV to request a feasibility study.

Whether you have an idea, sketch or prototype, the feasibility study analyses and assesses how feasible it will be to produce your envisioned product. During the study, the HSV engineers analyse and assess whether your product design can be manufactured using particle foams (EPS, EPP, ETPU, etc.), plastic injection moulding, or with Project+, a combination of both techniques. You will receive advice without any obligations, gain insight into the options for your finished and/or semi-manufactured product, and find out how long production will take, accompanied by an initial estimate of the costs.

Request a feasibility study

Time-to-market is an important factor for new products and services. It requires effective alignment between the development process and the final realisation of your product. By requesting a feasibility study now, you can have a quick scan of how feasible your product design actually is and have direct contact with one of our engineers.

A thorough analysis shortens the lead time for your product and contributes to cost-efficient solutions in production, assembly and logistics.

If you have detailed information available, such as CAD files or prototypes, then we will incorporate it into our advice. Functionality and design will be monitored throughout the process, and you will receive an initial estimate of the costs.

Advice from HSV

Providing over 55 years of knowledge and experience in particle foam engineering and plastic injection moulding (HSV-TMP), the engineers at HSV are at your disposal, to achieve the best possible result. During the feasibility study, you will receive advice on such aspects as:

  • Applicable materials in terms of particle foams, thermoplastics and possible additives (such as fire retardants and UV resistant materials) 
  • Wall thicknesses, tolerances, discharge and other technical aspects
  • Mould construction; one or more cavities, type of injection system
  • Production methods, Project+ solutions and logistical solutions

What else you can expect from us:

  • You will receive advice accompanied by an initial estimate of the costs
  • A service-oriented and proactive attitude
  • Quick access to information about the feasibility of your product

Shorter lead time for your project thanks to advice at an early stage of the process


All requests will be kept confidential. A non-disclosure agreement is one of the options.

Request a feasibility study

If you would like to request a feasibility study, click the button below and enter details about your request. Your request will be processed as soon as possible, and one of our engineers will contact you.