Our particle foams, e.g. EPS (airpop® engineered air), EPP are used in a wide range of industries. The use of these materials will save you time, energy, money or weight. They provide protection, energy savings or advantages in places where you do not expect it. Also in the medical industry.

Organs, laboratory equipment and medical consumables must be reliably transported and delivered with the utmost care. Even into the operating room, where the highest hygiene requirements apply.

Maximum protection for medical equipment and organs

The particle foams of HSV comply to these high hygiene requirements. In addition, particle foams are robust and offer perfect and maximum protection for sensitive medical equipment and organs during transport. The high insulating properties of our materials contribute to a good preservation of organs.

EPP and EPS (airpop® engineered air) offer you complete freedom of design, therefore the possibilities are endless. Particle foams are hygienic, chemically resistant and hardly absorb any water.

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