Our particle foams, e.g. EPS (airpopĀ® engineered air), EPP are used in a wide range of industries. The use of these materials will save you time, energy, money or weight. They provide protection, energy savings or advantages in places where you do not expect it. Also in the construction industry.

In the construction industry you will find a variety of product solutions which originate in the engineering department of HSV. Hidden from view, but essential for optimal insulation and sustainability of buildings and homes.

From insulation parts to airconditioners.

We deliver a variety of insulation parts for example: floor- wall- and roofinsulation. Constructive parts for air-handling, ventilation-, heating units and airconditioners.

Our particle foams provide an optimum in freedom of design, consist of 98% air, (in necessary) flame retardant, are light weight and have high insulating properties. The combination of these insulating properties, both for the attenuation of sound as well as the preservation of temperature and the structural advantages ensure the perfect balance between product solutions, technical feasibility and energy saving.

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