Our particle foams, e.g. EPS (airpop® engineered air), EPP are used in a wide range of industries. The use of these materials will save you time, energy, money or weight. They provide protection, energy savings or advantages in places where you do not expect it.

The particle foams of HSV have definitively entered the food industry. For example HSV has developed agricultural trays for lettuce an vegetable growing.

From agricultural trays to packaging materials

In the design of the trays numerous aspects have been taken into account and we contribute to an optimal situation for the growing of vegetables.

Our materials are ideally suited for processing by robots, because they are robust, durable in use and light in weight. Chemically resistant and minimal absorption of water.

EPP and EPS (airpop® engineered air) offers you optimal freedom of shape. Therefore every design is imaginable.

During the transport of fragile products, or products with a limited expiration date, the shock absorbing packaging materials produced by HSV provide the solution. Because of the optimal protective and insulating properties of our particle foams.