Our particle foams, e.g. EPS (airpopĀ® engineered air), EPP are used in a wide range of industries. The use of these materials will save you time, energy, money or weight. They provide protection, energy savings or advantages in places where you do not expect it. Also in the automotive industry.

In the logistics chain (transportation of engines and technical parts) as well as in production of auto parts, like seats, interior, doors and bumpers.

safety of drivers and other road users

Besides the perfect shock-absorbing features and the capability of shape-recovery, EPP provides numerous advantages:

  • Optimal freedom of design for product designers.
  • Light weight, easy to use and transport.
  • Large energy and shock absorption, to protect material and human beings.

In this way, HSV is actively contributing to protecting materials during transportation and the safety of drivers and other road users.

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