Our particle foams, e.g. EPS (airpop® engineered air), EPP are used in a wide range of industries. The use of these materials will save you time, energy, money or weight. They provide protection, energy savings or advantages in places where you do not expect it. Also in HVAC Applications.

HSV is supplier of EPP, EPS (airpop® engineered air) and other particle foam components, Project+ solutions and plastic housings that are frequently used in air-handling, ventilation, heat pumps and other HVAC products.

High quality insulation properties for HVAC

Our materials offer many advantages for the installer during the installation of the equipment. But also for architects and structural manufacturers in the design and structural specifications of a building. These parts in one of our particle foams comply to high safety standards.

Together with constructors, we develop the application of our plastics and, together with our relations, we realize consistently producible parts. Always keeping the intended functionality of the total concept in mind. The possibilities with our Project+ solutions (injection moulded parts in combination with particle foam parts) shorten the lead times of developments and create an optimal interplay of the various components. Which ultimately leads to smooth production and composition. The possibilities within HSV to assemble parts also provide an added value for our relations.

High quality insulation properties, for the insulation of heat or cold. Combined with weight saving and structural advantages, it ensures a perfect balance between product solution, technical feasibility and savings on energy and costs for the end user.

In addition, the shock-absorbing packaging solutions from HSV ensure optimum protection of installations and equipment during transport.

Feasibility study

Are you interested in continuing to innovate your product and achieving savings in time2market, materials, energy, money and weight? Request a free feasibility study from the particle foam engineers at HSV. Receive advice from our engineers without any obligations, gain insight into the options for your finished and/or semi-manufactured product, and find out how long production will take, accompanied by an initial estimate of the costs.

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